About RØST (DK)

Ditte Rønn (vocal and sound effect machines) & Søren Bebe (piano, keyboard, and laptop)

These two Danish master musicians have collaborated on improvised music since 2003 and have built a close partnership around their intuitive and fearless playing style. They always strive to let the music be sparked by the moment, nourished by playfulness, communication, and sensitivity.

Retaining their mutual faith in the power of improvisation, they now integrate Danish folk songs and electronic effects into their work. The result is an alluring and evocative soundscape at the intersection of jazz/ambient/folk/hymns/pop music.

In September 2011, RØST will release their second album “Drømte mig en drøm” (“Last Night I Had a Dream” – the title of one of the oldest-known Danish folk songs), followed by a two-week tour in China and Korea.

RØST released their first album “Improvisations” in 2006, containing 12 pieces of totally improvised music for vocals and grand piano.

RØST were part of the official program at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China.

About Søren Bebe

Søren Bebe is one of the leading young pianists on the Danish jazz and contemporary music scene.

Søren has released a handful of records as a lead musician and even more as an accompanist and he has toured across the globe, including in Brazil, USA, Morocco, and China.

Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, in 2004, Søren has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About Ditte Rønn

Ditte Rønn is a Danish singer and songwriter.
Ditte has been exploring various genres of music, from jazz, pop, and avant-garde to Scandinavian and Bulgarian folk music. Combined with the complexity and spontaneity of her voice, this has made her one of the most promising young singers in Denmark.

Ditte releases her debut solo album in 2011.

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark in 2003 and has since then lived in Copenhagen, Denmark.



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