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Some of Denmark’s oldest traditional folk songs are arranged and performed pure and simple by the duo Røst. The duo includes singer, Ditte Rønn, and pianist, Søren Bebe. Bebe is also a member of a jazz trio inspired by Keith Jarrett. With this trio, he has recorded a number of albums and in these recordings he has shown his potential as a talented jazz pianist.

Ditte Rønn has a voice as pure and elegant as snow falling slowly from the sky at twilight. Søren Bebe immerses himself in the melody, which grows naturally and is clearly heard by the listener.

They are loyal to the traditional melodies of the old Danish folk songs, but their arrangements are modern. It works especially well in ‘Drømte mig en drøm’, where they dare to explore further. Søren Bebe uses special effects on the piano in the style of Esbjörn Svensson.

I would certainly enjoy hearing more of Røst in that style in the future.

Niels Overgaard / www.jazznyt.blogspot.com


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